What Are the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Furniture?

What Are the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Furniture?

Hello, Phoenix neighbors! It’s the team from Slam Dunking Junk AZ here with some essential advice. Are you planning to move some furniture around or out of your home? It’s important to do it right to avoid any trouble. Let’s go over the top five mistakes you should steer clear of for a smooth furniture removal.

1. Not Measuring Furniture and Spaces

Have you ever tried to fit something into a space that’s just too small? Always measure your furniture and the spaces it needs to go through, like doorways or staircases. This helps you know in advance if it will fit without any struggle.

2. Trying to Move Furniture Alone

Moving heavy furniture by yourself is not a good idea. It can be really heavy and hard to handle. It’s always better to have some extra hands, whether it’s friends, family, or a professional team (like us!) to help. It’s not just easier, but also a lot safer.

3. Not Preparing Properly

Jumping into moving furniture without planning can lead to problems. Make sure the path is clear, and wrap your furniture in blankets or bubble wrap to protect it. This way, you avoid damaging both the furniture and your home.

4. Incorrect Lifting Technique

Picking up heavy items the wrong way can cause back pain. The correct way is to lift with your legs, not your back. Squat down, keep your back straight, and use your leg strength to lift. This method protects your back from injury.

5. Not Securing Moving Parts

Furniture pieces with drawers or doors can be tricky. If they swing open while moving, they can cause an accident or at least surprise you. Secure these parts with tape or wrap before moving the furniture.


Extra Advice from Slam Dunking Junk AZ

If this seems like a lot to handle, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. At Slam Dunking Junk AZ, we’re experts in moving furniture safely and efficiently. We can manage all these aspects for you, making your furniture removal process easy and stress-free.

Final Thoughts

With the right approach, moving furniture can be done without issues. Remember to measure, get help, prepare correctly, lift safely, and secure any loose parts. And if you need assistance, we at Slam Dunking Junk AZ are here to help, ensuring your furniture removal is successful and hassle-free.

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